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I came to the Rapid Hypnosis Certification with the expectations to liberate myself from bad behaviors that are holding me back from my full potential. Then the first day started and Reg was very eloquent with a high level of communication skills. This caught my interest to find ways to replicate his communication skills. Along the three days I appreciated the entire team support as well as the different Hypnosis techniques tailored to different needs. The knowledge transfer was great besides getting an array of publications and authors that can allow us the opportunity to invest in our knowledge. I never came to the certification looking to be a practitioner, however the value of recognizing the faults I want to fix on myself also created a curiosity to help others. Upon completing my certification I will continue in my self Hypnosis and also starting to use the techniques learned to assist my entire family and others in need to remove their blockages to greatness. Reg was fantastic, looking forward to complete my NLP practitioner and Huna. Also may continue the journey to All stars and be able to completely change my life. In regards to the venue and the communication with the support team has been fantastic.

Wilmer M – March 2024

I found the course to be incredibly inspiring. I have not studied hypnosis in any depth until now. My understanding of hypnosis was fairly shallow. I had been "hypnotized" by a couple of showmen in junior high and high school and it was for fun. I have done a few self hypnosis sessions with tapes and videos and YouTube in the past and found it to be very relaxing and good. I have done a lot of EMDR therapy which is somewhat similar. What I learned in the course about how the unconscious mind can be used to change behavior is amazing. I found Reg and the trainers to be highly motivating and supportive and knowledgeable. During the course I had several moments where I was moved to change my life, to become a better person, to grow and overcome my bad habits and to become the person that I was meant to become. I have held back in my life for some reason, not achieving my full potential in the areas where I have been blessed with talent. My reason for enrolling was to be able to help others become better people or at least to rise above the negative beliefs that they have been taught. My own life has been full of challenges and disappointments in relationships. I intend to use this training to put that behind me and then help others do the same so that they can have deep and lasting relationships with themselves and their significant others, their kids and friends. I found the explanation of the 4 different minds or bodies and their relationships to each other (HCM, CM, UM, Physical) to be profound. I have recently explored getting in touch with my higher self and viewing the world and others through the "eyes" of my higher self. Reg's explanation of this was my favorite part. I hope to be able to use hypnosis to train my conscious mind to be more in tune with my unconscious and especially my spiritual or pure mind. This is an effort to achieve a higher state of existence. I would like to use this training to then help others do the same thing. The communication with the office and the trainers has been good. I wouldn't be here if Susannah hadn't helped me make the right decision. She has been very encouraging and has helped me overcome my fears and hesitation.

Tracy G – March 2024

The training was a fascinating experience that provided in-depth analyses of useful methods that are instantly usable. The most notable aspect of the training was the practical, hands-on approach that allowed for immediate practice and feedback. This greatly improved my comprehension and self-assurance in applying rapid hypnosis successfully. Reg, the trainer, was outstanding; he showed not just his command of the material but also his capacity to make difficult ideas understandable and interesting. Smooth and prompt communication with the office ensured that all administrative details were taken care of. The zoom training was organized neatly. All in all, the course is really above my expectations, and I heartily endorse it to anyone wishing to enhance their hypnotherapy abilities.

Timothy B – March 2024

The hypnosis course shattered my expectations! I went in with the usual TV stereotypes, but those were obliterated in just three mind-blowing days. Now, information I learned pops into my head all day – it's incredible how much I DIDN'T know (about hypnosis, that is!).

Before the course, hypnosis was a mystery. Now, I swear by it! The personal atmosphere and camaraderie with fellow students were awesome. Thanks to this rapid dive into a world, I crave to be part of, I'm already building my business plan. My goal? Talking to the small business association to get funds to open a part-time hypnotherapy practice after getting licensed.

The best part? This is just the beginning! NLP is next, but the most exciting part for me was the "woo woo" stuff – learning about Huna, the Hawaiian spiritual way of life. I'm so thrilled I found Neuro Masters Academy, and I can't wait to keep learning and growing with you. Maybe even a partnership down the line?

Mark M – March 2024

This course was and is amazing, there is a lot of information shared in a relatively short time frame, however Reg is an phenomenal trainer, he explains ideas in such away that it is easy to understand, The hands on portion of the training is very helpful to actually put your knowledge into action helping create a skill, This is an amazing organization, everyone involved is very good at their function. I am grateful that I had this opportunity to learn and grow with the best company with the best people out there. Thank you, Thank you

Ken F – March 2024

I like that we got to practice the script and order on someone and get feedback. I liked that it was only 3 days of training. I enjoyed hearing the stories from Reg and the team. I appreciated how NMA team were always available for questions. I really enjoyed writing my own suggestions, getting feedback on them and adding them to my script. This was super helpful. Overall a great, positive training experience.

Joseph F – March 2024

Enjoying the hypnosis course was an enlightening experience. It delved into the essence of hypnosis, teaching induction techniques, suggestion formulation, and emergence methods. The exercises were highly educational, with clear instructions from the instructor. My motivation stemmed from aiding clients in overcoming fears and obstacles. Understanding the trauma within each person's psyche was eye-opening. The eager students, including myself, were driven to assist others. Precision in intonation and suggestion became apparent, emphasizing the importance of clarity. Communication's subtleties were highlighted, stressing the need for

accurate programming of the mind, akin to a computer. Overall, it was rewarding to connect with like-minded individuals dedicated to bettering themselves and helping others. The staff's dedication truly enhanced my experience. Their unwavering support and genuine passion for hypnosis were palpable. Despite it being their profession, they exuded sincerity and a deep-seated commitment to helping others. Their encouragement and helpfulness went beyond mere duty; they reflected their true dedication to empowering individuals with the transformative potential of hypnosis. Their genuine care and enthusiasm created an atmosphere of trust and camaraderie, fostering a conducive environment for learning and growth. I am grateful for their guidance and inspiration throughout the course.

Gilbert S – March 2024

I found the course to be fascinating, I have always been intrigued by Psychology and human behavior. The course gave us a different approach and techniques on how to tap into the unconscious mind. Introduced us to meditation and relaxation forms of suggestive thinking. Taught us anchoring and the RED technique. The course went over the history of Hypnosis and legal practices. Some of my favorite parts was seeing first hand how hypnosis can help someone overcome or manage different scenarios of life. From bad habits like smoking or weight issues to more intense situations like trauma or abuse. The entire team is so supportive and supplied

many avenues of communication. Reg is 110% committed to his belief and teachings, providing feedback and examples of various life experiences.

Francisco R Jr – March 2024

I enjoyed working with the students to see what worked and didn’t work. To feel the sensation of hypnotherapy and how it feels to be in that state of mind. I enjoyed working with the different faculty members and hearing their stories of how Hypno changed their lives. I also enjoyed watching Reg embody what he is teaching and offering to the world. Seeing how he can control his voice and tempo to draw us in or get us excited. I appreciate the intensity of the 3 days. Really submerged into the world of Hypno. 

Christina W – March 2024

Embarking on a hypnotherapy course was not only a transformative experience but also a profound journey into the depths of the mind's potential. The course unveiled an expansive realm of possibilities, both for personal growth and the evolutionary path of my company. Reg, our instructor, was nothing short of remarkable —a beacon of knowledge, skill, and passion for hypnotherapy. His dedication to fostering learning and understanding in this intricate field was palpable in every session. Moreover, Reg's team complemented this experience with their incredible support and attentiveness, ensuring a nurturing and conducive learning environment. Their collective expertise and genuine care for each participant's journey were instrumental in

making this experience deeply enriching. This journey through hypnotherapy has not only equipped me with valuable skills but also opened new avenues for innovation and well-being within my professional endeavors, marking the beginning of an exciting chapter.

Brian J – March 2024

I thought the course was extremely beneficial for not only myself, but for what I offer clients. I believe it adds another layer of value to what I offer. I really enjoyed reg and his teaching style and learning about hypnosis in a complete way. From the history of it, to how I would actually conduct a session, as well as the practical implementation of the techniques by allowing us to practice on each other. I love the interactive element.

Tyler T – February 2024

I like the accelerated format overall. I also like completing tasks with other students in the breakout rooms, that felt more like an in-person class. I would have liked a little more structure in knowing what was being gone over when and maybe a short recap option after the fact. I felt good with the interactions with the other students, the MVP and the staff throughout the weekend. I feel Reg's energy and knowledge poured out in the sessions.

Shecanna S – February 2024

What I liked most about this course was the way it helped my mind to open up and to conceive what is possible for me, to shed my self-limiting mindset and to stop holding myself back through fear of the unknown and the negative thoughts which tell me that I am not enough. Reg and the team have been a positively inspiring force, providing an excellent learning environment and the right balance of challenge and success to foster confidence and pride in my newly minted abilities and skills, such that I feel qualified to take this knowledge and use it to improve the lives of others.

Sawyer G – February 2024

The 3 day rapid hypnosis training and test are easy to accomplish and digest. Hypnosis has a very specific way it needs to be conducted and intricate steps that need to be performed. This 3 day course has given me a lot of information in order to help others within my family, community, and the world. Definitely enjoyed this training and the way it was presented. The information was provided in a way even someone who is not familiar with it could easily follow along and absorb the information. The workbook is easy to flip though and i like that we need to take notes to help remember later. Reg's leadership and keeping the zoom class on track was excellent. This took the stress out of the process and made it enjoyable. The office staff and MVP coaches have been amazing throughout. I like the zoom format, as it is interesting to be in class with students from all over the world.

Sarah D – February 2024

I realized that I am holding onto a lot of negative things in my past. I feel that it helps me focus more to be in trance and that it helps me relax first and foremost. I intend to continue using the tools that I have learned in my daily life and even to help my children and maybe eventually some family and friends. I know that I have work to do and that it will not happen overnight but this has greatly helped me understand so much about myself. Not to mention how interesting that it was and still is. I love history and even that section alone was intriguing.

Samantha S – February 2024

I absolutely adored the course on hypnosis! The immediate applicability of the strategies was remarkable, allowing me to dive into practical implementation right away. The trainers expertise and guidance were exemplary, fostering a supportive and engaging learning environment. Communication with the office was seamless, and the training venue provided a conducive atmosphere for deep learning. The feedback received throughout the course was invaluable, aiding in my growth and understanding. The highlight for me was discovering my true purpose through the teachings, echoing the sentiment that the two most important days are when you're born and when you discover why. I now know my purpose!

Nicole A – February 2024

REG was amazing ! Definitely enjoyed the high energy from him as well as from the whole team. I took this course to help myself but will definitely be implementing it to my clients that I'm sure will benefit from it. I still was left with questions after this course but I learned that I can learn more to answer my questions in NLP. For all the answers that I did get answered , the team was very quick & resourceful. Still feeling anxious throughout my days , I'm glad I met a few good people on this course to do continuing practice with . I can't necessarily pick out one favorite thing since I was intrigued by it all so I just look forward to learning much more so I can help more people in the future!

Natalie C- February 2024

The course was extremely informative and helpful. Reg is the best instructor you can have. He explained and demonstrated it very well. It was amazing to see transformation in people during the sessions. I enjoyed practice sessions. Good combination of theory and practice. I loved the energy of the class. Reg and team over delivered. Reg went out of the way to provide extra materials used in NLP classes. Team was very professional and able to work with students at all levels. I had a great time.

Manisha T – February 2024

So many things. I love the information. I love watching the spontaneous lessons that emerge through the guidance of the questions/experiences that the students share, I love the material, I love Reg's enthusiasm, compassion, and attentiveness, I love that we can get help from the rest of the team, I love the interview questions and how much material they bring out and how they change neurology simply by asking the questions. The only thing that rubs me sideways is the sales structure and "specialness" (which causes the felt sense and visual sense with the banners of separation from the whole) that is created for people who buy in at more. There is a hierarchy of "cheer and kudos" given to those who buy in at higher programs. I think the love for learning and commitment to the work for the world to heal and healing for self is still there even if students don't go MVP, buy all in etc. I wish that all students are respected equally on what they feel is good for them and seen for their love and commitment to the work and themselves regardless of how far they buy in.

Leah G – February 2024

I enjoyed the training, especially the practice sessions to use what we learned (what I liked most). I struggled to follow the trainer at points due to a mix of stories. I think they were intended to be perceived from trance, but they didn't connect or complete so in my brain, they are "undone". I kept an open mind to allow the loop to complete and by the end of the weekend I think I released that the stories didn't complete but it caused some confusion as if I missed sentences or wasn't paying attention ( and I was)

Kathleen G – February 2024

In my brief overview, I am sharing what I found & enjoyed about Neuro Masters Academy, - Rapid Hypnosis 3 Day immersion for both Rapid Hypnosis & NLP Intro Courses. First & Foremost I was enlightened by Total immersion, with a great curriculum that is well laid out, to the point presentations, & with many examples.

Interaction with colleagues thru Breakout room sessions & so much more. Reg Malhotra & the entire NMA team deliver a professional deep dive experience for all walks of life to learn about developing the skill sets in achieving a Higher YOU. Additionally the development of an extra "knowledge tool" that can be added to a knowledge bank or a professional practitioners Tool Box. I learnt how to observe, and professionally implement Hypnotherapy solutions with success. Hypnotherapy techniques are delivered thru proven linguistic scripting of Rapid Hypnosis, that can aid in the improvement of a clients requirements in their short comings of behaviour, fears, Health Changes, and every imaginable neurological requirement by a client. My take away was a self improvement for a Higher and Better John C. In my opinion, my experience was a remarkable discovery of Personal Growth by learning about my inner self & conscious and subconscious mind with Rapid Hypnotherapy and NLP. "Bravo" to Reg, the amazing Educator & the entire NMA team. Thank You John C

John C – February 2024

I enjoyed the course immensely. It continually piqued my interest. I mostly enjoyed the practice sessions as I was able to meet many people and glean more insight from a different perspective.

Our coaches were very helpful and patient with every manner of queries. They provided input that was to our betterment and expressed encouragement readily.

Our trainer was thorough in his explanations and would give fitting examples throughout the course. He would listen intently to questions and give ample information in his answers. Overall, the course answered many of the questions that I had previously, only to open a whole other door that will continue to enrich my mind, my life and those that I encounter throughout life.

Jason M – February 2024

There’s so much to say about NMA and the rapid hypnosis course. Reg’s style of non-linear teaching challenged my brain like nothing I’ve ever experienced before. At the end of day three I was sad that the course was over. I didn’t want the learning to end. From the staff to the VIP coaches every single person played a role in making the class so enjoyable and friendly. Their feedback during one-on-one sessions was helpful and encouraging.

I can see rapport building between everybody who engaged in the class even over zoom. I look forward to continuing to develop these friendships over time. I always felt like it was a safe space to share and ask questions without fear of looking dumb. After the rapid hypnosis course, I feel confident, and prepared to go out and begin to change the world!

Gia C – February 2024

I absolutely love that I was able to get hypnotized. Reg our trainer was fantastic. He explained everything in ways that everyone understood. His teaching methods worked perfectly for everyone in the course. Communication with the office and training venue were very easy and accessible

Favian R – February 2024

I enjoyed witnessing Reg’s masterful communication skills; I enjoyed learning from the attendees' questions and answering the live real examples; I enjoyed soaking in this new knowledge about mind mastery, and I enjoyed being around all this beautiful human beings on this walkabout on this adventure of exploration and learning; I enjoyed meeting new partners for the assignments; and I was impressed by the attitude , professionalism and happiness of the crew, witch is the best testimonial that neurohacking is creating a very desirable results to all involved. I am grateful for you, and thank you all!

Ernie K – February 2024