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I really enjoyed the community that has been formed through this class. We are all growing and learning together. I loved being able to be a demo and have the experience of Reg working with me and feeling how my life has already started to change. Working with Jasmine has been fantastic, she offered me so much support when I felt like I couldn't find a way. Jenny was wonderful when we did my initial interview, we have much in common and she inspired me to take the leap. Exceptional experience and company

Leah Black – June 2023

I very much enjoyed this course. The instructor and coaches were very knowledgeable and helpful. I really liked the high energy of the instructor and coaches, as well as the participants in the course. The practice sessions were especially fun. I rather enjoyed them. I am definitely looking forward to the upcoming classes on N.L.P. and the Masters course.

David Lunday – June 2023

I really liked how the course was broken down, even going into the history and development of hypnosis as a practice. The information was clear and presented in a very digestible manner. There was a natural, logical progression of the materials that made building on to each additional stage very understandable because the foundation was set.

I found Reg and the Neuro Masters team to be very energetic and enthusiastic about hypnosis, which was a great motivator. I liked the open format of feedback and the fact that everyone had a chance ask questions, and if there was something that was misunderstood or unclear, the trainers would circle back or give additional time to address any questions or concerns.

Cameron Jones – June 2023

I liked that I opened myself to try something different. The course was informative and had no idea this existed.

My biggest take is the language in which we communicate and how its a direct reflection of what we believe to be true in our reality. We must speak in the present tense and our unconscious mind only understands in literal terms. The trainer was incredible and im looking forward for more trainings.

Milton Juarez – June 2023

It is almost cliche by now, however this course is life changing. Mine and others I will work with. Most importantly I found the emphasis on ethical behavior truly confirming for my values. Asking the client, being cognitive of their feelings, patience. Reg is a very real instructor/trainer. Down to earth making me feel completely comfortable with the training and my questions. Zoom was the only way to participate. I had no glitches.

Henry Taylor – June 2023

It was a phenomenal experience. I noticed a massive growth in the way how powerful I am to take charge of my behaviors upon desired outcomes. I feel more accomplished and happy that I can impact in a positive way the lives of other individuals.

Feeding my brain with this amazing knowledge did bring me a step ahead of my previous self.

Reg is a true mindset trainer.

The knowledge and techniques I got provided from this course are very beneficial.

All the staff was very friendly and I have to give special thanks to Susannah that was there for me in any step of this training.

Melissa Kulla – June 2023

Thank you Thank you. This course is very helpful and enlightening. A bit fast paced for me, extremely informative, very well constructed considering the volume and content of the material. I enrolled in order to learn to help others and benefit their life through neurotherapy (hypnosis). I didn't expect to find the need of self-reflection and examination of my own limitations to most effectively engage and help others.

The staff Jasmine who initiated our first chat, Jenny and Susannah both always followed up promptly and enthusiastically. Very nice experience start to finish. Loved the work with Kyle of course and is a great testimonial for you all. Thanks Andrea for the reminders. I know I totally missed one and your courteous follow up was perfectly timed. Thank you Thank you all.

And, Reg, thank you for your time in the beginning and during the course. Interesting, I did some matching and modeling on you during teaching.... especially attempting to model and in some cases match your tone, inflection and the flow you used. Thank you many times over!!! I look forward to being part of your team someday


Aaron James – June 2023

I am thrilled to share my utmost satisfaction with the 3-day Rapid Hypnosis Training I recently attended. It exceeded all my expectations and proved to be an incredibly beneficial experience. The knowledge I gained during the training has already been put to good use in assisting my daughter and son, which is truly rewarding.

One aspect that stood out to me was the exceptional promotion of the training. It effectively conveyed the value and potential impact of the program, leading me to enroll with high hopes. Reg, the trainer, was nothing short of phenomenal. His presentation style instilled a sense of relaxation and ease, allowing me to fully absorb the material.

Moreover, the personal touches provided by the coaching staff were invaluable. Whenever I encountered difficulties, they were there to offer support and guidance, ensuring I had a seamless learning experience.

Overall, participating in this training ranks among the best decisions I have ever made. The satisfaction and benefits I have derived from it are beyond measure.

Wayne Maltman – June 2023

The course was everything I had hoped for and more. I was skeptical if someone like myself could actually hypnotize someone. I had my own limiting belief in myself, even though I knew this to be a missing piece, if not THE missing piece to my puzzle of my future life and who I want to be for the world. The whole weekend I felt I was in trance state often as what was being taught was feeding my soul. The information being taught was being taught in such a way that I had that feeling of being on the edge of my seat waiting for the next golden nugget to be given to me. Things I new on the surface regarding the unconscious mind were uncovered in detail. The Energy Cube… This is the concept that when I first saw, was what drew me into the course. The whole course was taught in such a way that anyone would be able to grasp. Everything was made simple in such detail that my self-doubting concerns were no longer a concern. My mind was open to receiving and devouring the information.

Which leads me to… Reg is such an amazing Master of the art. He is not only charismatic, but his authenticity and way of being is that which leaves you with a sense of peace, love, and empowerment. He leaves us all feeling that each of us matters to him (authentically). We all got to experience the work thru each interaction he had with each participant. Everything being taught is laid out in detail in the course booklet. All one has to do is follow the word for word work as it is laid out. Reg gives with such love and generosity. I am so inspired to give freely of myself as he does to move the world forward in a positive direction.

I am so forever, grateful to Reg and the whole team at NMA, for changing and enhancing my life in such a powerful way.

I just want to say “Mahalo” because I know the true meaning of “Mahalo” is so much more that a simple “Thank you”

With deep respect and love... Mahalo!!!

Brad Wood – June 2023

Everything was just moving. Reg just beyond passionate and had humor and sternness as well. Beautiful balance of presentation along with story telling

Cobey Vetch – June 2023

I appreciate how the course was integrated in how you can look at yourself as a person and becoming a Hypnotherapist. Talked a great deal about self healing to be able to connect to the client or patient more on a person level. The trainers are outstanding, knowledgeable and enthusiastic about Hypnotherapy. They were able to answer all of my questions and are very friendly and you can tell they wanted to be there along with the participants. I can see that all the coaches hold great value in wanting to make sure they vetted out the ones they did not think would fit in the training and in NMA. I am very pleased to see that there are high standards.

Jeruel Hewitt – June 2023

Doing Rapid Hypnosis after NLP practitioner course helped expand the knowledge. NLP and Hypnotherapy go hand in hand when we are trying to solve personal problems as well as others' problems. I enjoyed the demonstrations and practice sessions. The training was delivered very well. I had no issues in following and practicing. The timings were a bit off as we are trying to work across time zones.

Shiva – June 2023

I really enjoyed the course the teacher Reg was very professional, and knowledgeable and sought to answer all questions presented to him along with keeping the momentum going in the Zoom classroom by encouraging class participation. The way the course was set out with the break rooms and having a coach there to help guide you and give you constructive feedback was exceptional. Such a great group of people from all walks of life coming together to heal and grow. Thanks for such a great experience.

Sharlene Warren – June 2023

I enjoyed everything about the class. I was a little skeptical going in, but I decided to stick with it and after the first night, I stayed for the second day and I'm so glad I had because we really got in to the thick of it and I learned so much. Reg was great, the coaches were great and everyone in my class was great. I cant wait to keep going and earn my additional certifications.

Michael Schroeder – June 2023

I really enjoyed the training. I've heard of hypnosis but have never experienced or facilitated it. The experience was amazing and i'm learning so much. I truly believe I am in the right place with the right team at the right time. I enjoyed facilitating hypnosis with others and watching myself and the other participants having amazing experiences. I also enjoyed the professionalism of NMA A+ experience. Reg is an amazing person, He is very authentic and really cares about what he is teaching others. He truly wants all the world to experience this

training. He is very selfless and wants to transform the world for the better. How can that be wrong! The communication has been good and straight forward. When glitches or mistakes happen it is addressed, dealt with quickly and if needed a space is created to deal with it in a safe and caring manor. Nothing but positive things to say about my experience with Reg & NMA. Thank you

Michael Mata – June 2023

The 3 day Rapid Hypnosis course was amazing. The amount of information in the manual and the amount that was given to us by Reg was just enough to peak our interest in moving forward into the other courses that are being offered by NMA. The thought of being able to clear our energy cube is very intriguing. Having the appropriate guidance to heal from our past is a huge win in my book. The community that we became was awesome. The feedback from the coaches was honest and they expressed what, and how we can improve to become a better individual, a better Hypnotherapist, and a better person.

Everyone at NMA has been amazing from my first contact, up and to this point in my new journey that I am taking. A Huge Thank You to all that have worked so hard to make our experience a wonderful one.

"JUST RELAX" my new favorite word.

Lisa Rodrigo – June 2023

I liked the anchoring the best. I actually have used my anchor many times. I like that I was able to help someone quit vaping. It's only been a day but I'm confident that when I check on him next week or next month that he will be able to tell me he is still a non-vapor. I felt so passionate about that practice and I can't wait to see the results. I like the practice of the breakout rooms. I used to hate practicing sales scripts when I was in sales but this is something totally different because I'm passionate about it. The trainer and all the coaches were amazing. I can't wait to see everyone in Vegas

Karrah Kelley – June 2023

Before taking the course, I was under the impression that being in a hypnotic trance was akin to having an out-of-body experience. However, the exercises we did in the course, where I placed another student into a trance, and the same happened to me, completely changed my perspective. I now understand that hypnosis is more like learning a new language; once you understand it, you feel more confident in your ability.

Our instructor was exceptional. He displayed patience, passion, and a wealth of knowledge. He had a gift for rephrasing and reframing information in a way that made learning easy. His impressive ability to quote associated information as it related to hypnosis showed his passion for the subject and the proper way of conducting it. The coaches were just as helpful and supportive as the instructor. They provided unwavering assistance, clarifications, and support to the students in all aspects of the course.

While a live setting may have been better, Zoom provided the solitude needed to conduct the exercises seamlessly. Overall, I am grateful for the valuable insights and knowledge gained from this course. It was an experience that will undoubtedly serve me well when working with future clients.

Francis Frederick – June 2023

The course provided amazing support. Coaches were available and knowledgeable. The trainer was extremely knowledgeable. I would have liked a "schedule," to plan days.

Brian Decker – June 2023

I liked the flexibility, as I was not able to finish the first time and was able to come to complete the course a few months later. It shows the empathy NMA has a business. As always Reg was outstanding, I love his energy and the passion that has to teach and transmit his knowledge. Over this years it has been fantastic to be in each one of his courses as it has given me the tools I need as a practitioner. It always helps me to learn about what I can model to my live events. Thanks once more to the NMA Team

Aeon – June 2023

What I enjoyed most about the course was the flexibility in hours (of course the [down arrow] rate) and the ability to meet others and work together as we learned about the skills & history of hypnotherapy.

The hardest part of the course was not being able to follow some of the script orders. I got the majority of how they go together, but at times not sure if a script should be added or if can be or should be omitted. I know a book is supposed to come with the complete order of each therapy. I have not received it yet.

Feedback. Really enjoyed the training & the staff. I think having the virtual classroom was great. And being able to work individually with our classmates and coaches was well created in the zoom rooms. I would have loved to have had the scripts in order rather than flipping back and forth between them as it got pretty confusing. I understand though! Will look forward to getting the actual book I did LOVE the trance and the energy!

  1. Additionally, I loved the benefits of knowing how to apply this to my current work with my patients so I can help them transition some of their anxiety toward more calmness & health.
Richelle Gaiter – Feb22

I love the energy from the team and nothing beats a good open loop to kick things off! Thank you Reg, Andrea, Jenny, Isaiah, Dan, Pearl and others who developed such an incredibly well run program.I enjoyed the practice sessions, but was surprised by and actually got a lot of value from the tips Reg gave at the end of the training... those were key!

Sophia Harang – Feb22

I loved learning the anchoring techniques. Very quick and useful tool to invoke peaceful positive emotions. I felt a little more time to watch Reg interact with students would be beneficial. Amazing course, well put together trainer and coaches are wonderful.

Rachel Carrion – Feb22

What I enjoyed most about the course was the teaching from Reg. His tone, how he put certain thing into the air that just stuck with what I was thinking overall in life. I truly enjoyed this course because It was something that I have done for myself. I have gone through a lot over the past two years. This was after the class… I feel as though my brain isn’t in the fight or flight response anymore. This is a wonderful feeling because I do no enjoy being on edge all of the time. My body feels more relaxed. I truly think the RED convincers have been helping as well. I say that because I don’t feel as “aggressive” while on the road. 

The hardest part about this course was telling my family. That I am open to the idea of doing this type of work. 

Jenny was great. I honestly just wish I knew more about her. I can tell she gone through a lot. The hardest part about this whole class I guess was not being able to connect with people face to face.

Lukas Todd Elmore – Feb22

I enjoyed the course because it taught me the tools to help others and myself to overcome some of my struggles. It also taught me to create something (a hypnosis) that others can benefit from. The hardest part was working with my dyslexia. It can sometimes make it hard and recite, but I a lot of confidence. I Administer of the course made easy to understand, and he took the time to make sure we grasped the coursework. Jenny was always to help out, even after the course those two combined made it exciting.

Jennifer Dominguez – Feb22