About Us

Our Purpose Is To Create A Ripple Effect of Education, Empowerment & Healing


Through the teaching and application of alternative and integrative approaches to psychology, human development and personal growth.

Neuro Masters Academy is one of the foremost organisations facilitating the empowerment & training of leaders, coaches, those in transitions, alternative health practice professionals and those who’s calling is to help and heal others with the most powerful tools for personal change.

We have trained hundreds of growth seekers across United States, Australia, New Zealand and Asia in proven techniques that merge psychological and neurological sciences with ancient teachings to help you:


  • Develop a formidable understanding of human behaviour so as to get the best out of yourself and others


  • Add to your toolkit some of the most powerful communication techniques in order to truly connect and influence others in positive ways


  • Add some of the most rapidly effective personal change and naturally therapeutic tools to your toolkit


  • Understand and utilise the powers of the human mind and nervous system to overcome complex problems and barriers to change


  • Help and heal others in overcoming adversities and using their story as their strength