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What Is Neuro-Linguistic Programming?

It is simply a careful selection of viable techniques and methodologies that are easy to comprehend and apply towards achieving excellence in one’s life. Sounds like a mouthful but all you need to know is that it is both a science and art for achieving personal success framed around demonstrated principles that reveal how the mind works and how it can be positively influenced and modified to better cultivate success.

Formally known as “Neuro-Linguistic Programming”, NLP is a personal development method created in the early 1970s by Richard Blander and John Grinder. Such a method revolves around recognising and leveraging the link involving an individual’s thoughts or neurological processes, language and behaviour. The idea is that all these elements can be modified and arranged to better pursue one’s goals in life from professional and financial success to losing weight and staying fit.

In plain English, NLP is an advance form of personal coaching to bring out the best in people by changing and sharpening their focus. We tap into what you already have but don’t use.
NLP Coaching’s greatest contribution is to take an average person and make him or her into a better performer. The system is designed to make it easier to achieve your goals.

What can I expect from an NLP training?

People seek out NLP training for various reasons – to make more money, to improve the quality of their lives or simply to gain a better appreciation of life. These are but a few things that NLP offers but more importantly, attending such trainings would allow you to achieve more out of life. Indeed, many approached Neuro-linguistics solely from a financial perspective only to find out that it has so much more to offer.

So, what is NLP Training?

NLP Training is a certification process that one needs to go through to be able to work directly with people in a professional capacity. The training also allows for an experience of all the techniques in a Live format.

Granted such a seminar will cost you and free training can only get you so far. However, think of it this way – you’d be paying your way for a better foundation in achieving your dreams and aspirations. You can expect to learn several ways to bolster specific aspects of your life for a more passionate and happier you.

By attending such a training you’ll be able to handle your day to day frustrations and stress that much easily. That’s more than enough reason for most to consider investing in Neuro-linguistics. Thanks to these trainings, people can determine all the mistakes that they’re making which hinder success in their lives and how having a better mindset makes all the difference in many situations.

So how does NLP work?

NLP is an exceptional study that integrates the unconscious and conscious processes involved in practically everything that people do. Notice how you say one thing but end up doing the other? This is because our thoughts on certain goals in our lives are often formed at the unconscious level. NLP reveals how the determination to succeed, can be modelled and recreated. Hence, it is applicable in just about any goal that one may have in mind from excelling at work or overcoming certain fears of losing weight and getting the body that you’ve always wanted.

Now let’s take phobias as an example – NLP revolves around the whole idea, that how we go about doing anything completely depends on the kind of emotion we’ve associated with it in the past on an unconscious level. Note, that all undesirable behaviours and beliefs that we may have are often acquired in this manner.

You may have an irrational fear of dogs for instance because the first time you saw one you were told that dogs are dangerous and that you should stay away from them. Such a memory is then stored on an unconscious level and now every time you encounter a dog in the street you trigger an unconscious response which can be very difficult to change. This is the same for any phobia or irrational fear which can only truly be addressed on an unconscious level. NLP is a program that is geared towards doing just that!

However, the question remains – how does NLP work? Well, the program revolves around the idea that we can alter the process in which we define our reality. Make changes in the way we think and do things differently, from lifestyle changes to be fit, to become more reliable in our profession by putting any irrational fears aside. The goal of the program is to look at life from a more positive perspective and hence bring about positive and desirable results.

What is Time Line Therapy® ?

Time Line Therapy® is an advanced form of NLP and encompass a set of techniques to dissolve negative emotions and Limiting Decisions held within the nervous system, particularly on significant emotional events from the past.

We all have our timeline and it’s the way we unconsciously “encode” our five senses to define our past, present and future. Notice how people are different in that some are presently oriented while others reminisce their past or spend a great deal of time thinking about their future? We may not think about it but our internal representation of time dramatically affects our ability to deal with situations as well as our relationship with other people.

Time Line Therapy® can prove invaluable in helping people change their personality for the better. One of its most significant teachings is the ability to recognise one’s timeline structure which can be done in 2 ways – “in time” and “through time”. People with a timeline structure that belongs to the latter tend to see time as it passes in front of them.

People with an “in time” timeline structure on the other hand see the past behind them and their future in front of them. In this structure, one does not look at the present but rather associates with it. People that fit this description are often described as “living in the moment”. You tend to lose track of time especially when you’re doing something you like. Invariably, you tend to be late and when deciding, family and friends tend to advise you to come an hour earlier than the actual time knowing your time management skills which can be described as poor at best. You’re the type who needs someone to set your schedule and sort out your priorities.

Now there’s nothing inherently wrong with either of the two general timeline structures. However, the problem lies when somebody possesses a time structure that isn’t working out very well for them. For example, setting your future and seeing it head-on is often a good thing . It’s a common quality among people that are headstrong and motivated however such a timeline structure can prove stressful for some people. You may be too focused on your future that you fail to appreciate the present which is not a good thing and may lead to depression and poor relations towards other people.

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Why Undergo NLP Certification?

Are you thinking about undergoing NLP certification but not quite sure if it’s well worth looking into? Perhaps you’ve just read a book about neuro-linguistic programming or looked up some of its benefits online and you’re expecting to create some powerful life changes with it. Of course, one can’t help but wonder if NLP Certification is worth the money and effort? What can such a program do for you?

Often a lot of people would delve into NLP only to walk away from it sometime later all because they couldn’t apply it. To succeed in NLP, one must be able to demonstrate and apply what they’ve learned. Doing so requires a fair amount of competence and skill both of which you can expect to gain through NLP certification.

A lot of people interested in NLP have often read on the matter extensively, including steps and the different methodologies surrounding the program. However, many are still unable to gain the results that they want simply because they lack the guidance of a certified coach or trainer. Such professionals are in a better position to help you integrate and benefit from NLP through consistent practice.

Sure you can read all the books you want about NLP or even go through numerous DVDs but nothing beats having an accomplished individual go through the entire program with you demonstrating what they know and enabling you to pick up the pace quickly and more effectively. The certification can even put you in a position to help others do the same by becoming a coach yourself. It’s all possible with a proper NLP certification!

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